The State Of Design In The Travel Blogging Industry

Travel blogs nowadays are starting to look all the same, with generic off-the-shelf templates, difficult navigation, way too many unnecessary pop-ups and don’t get me started on scroll hijacking (why do people do this?). I believe it is because creating websites have become more accessible and blogs can be easily built with automated tools, allowingContinue reading “The State Of Design In The Travel Blogging Industry”


We didn’t go to Tegal Wangi beach unprepared. With two backpacks full of camera’s, tripods, filters and whatnot, my friend and I were ready for the perfect sunset shot on that hidden beach in Bali. There was nobody, except for a couple having their wedding pictures taken, and we’d had to walk for over an hourContinue reading “FAST REWIND TO HOW IT ALL STAR”

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